Why Us?

I get asked quite often about why someone would want to buy from us over the other choices of teardrop trailers available out there these days… and what makes ours better or sets us apart from the others. The answer is quite simple…

Parked on the Manistee River for a week of rafting and canoeing…

Teardrop trailers today run the gamut… from the very cheap, to the very expensive… a really nice offroad teardrop can run you up to $40,000, and even more. Or you can find them for $6,000 if you want. The problem is, you’ll get what you pay for… a $6,000 trailer will have cheap axles on leaf springs with cheap trailer tires, built with 3/8 inch plywood, etc, etc. On the other hand, the $40,000 trailer is, well, very nice… just way out of the price range of most buyers.

Our trailers, on the other hand, aim to hit that perfect sweet-spot… a fairly inexpensive trailer with a very high quality build… you can get into a really nicely equipped Extreme Tears teardrop trailer, ready for any adventure you want to throw at it, for around $12,000! Everything, from the tires and axles, to the frame, to the cabin, is built very well. You get the independant suspension of our standard torsion stub axles… with full size 15 inch all-terrain tires… also standard. The trailer is built with nice, select 3/4 inch birch plywood. The entire trailer is wrapped in a nice aluminum finish in a wide variety of colors… solid sheets with no seams.

A Peak Underneath…

Just take a look at some of our standard features;
* 7-Ply 3/4″ Select Birch Sides & Floor

* .040 Aluminum Top
* .040 Aluminum Sides
* Frame Color: Black (Colors Optional)
* 30×9.5×15″ Firestone Destination AT Tires
* Standard Rims (Color: Black)
* Road & Curb Side Doors w/Dual Interior Locking Mechanism
* Cabin Doors Keyed Alike
* Sliding Windows on Doors w/Lock & Screen
* 1500 lb. Flush Mounted Side Wind Jack
* Jack – Castor Swivel Wheel Assembly
* Vintage Chrome Door Handles
* Adjustable Channel on Tongue
* 1-1/2″ Insulation on Top & Front & Sides
* Industrial Seven Blade Connector w/Additional On-Road Charging Wire
* Custom Built 3500 lb. Flexi Ride Torsion Axle
* Cabin & Galley Fully Polyurethane
* Tri-Fold Queen Size Mattress (Folds Into Couch)
* Easy-Up Galley Hatch Lift System w/Gas Shocks
* Frame Made with 3×2 and 2×2 11ga Steel Tubing

And then, dozens of options are available to customize the trailer exactly the way you’d like it… every trailer is custom built adding just the options you want.

So what are you giving up? Nothing much… maybe a few cute fancy little trim pieces here and there… maybe a little finishing for you to finish your trailer the way you want… But these trailers are built to perform. To get you out on the mountain to be your base camp for mountain biking and hiking. Or to get you to the lake or river for fishing, kayaking, or hunting… Not to look cute to show off to your 100 neighbors in the campground.

Standard Interior Cabinets

But boy do they look good!

If you’re ready to spend some of that tax return and buy your adventure base camp, get ahold of us thru the contact us page… we’ll put together the exact trailer you’ve been dreaming of.

And to make it a little less painful, order now thru the end of March and I’ll take $1000 off your option package to help you outfit your trailer to perfectly meet your needs!

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