Summer ’19 Sale; Nice Extreme Tears XTR Off-road Trailer Under $10k

Here’s what we’re offering up today:

Our most popular trailer, the Extreme Tears Off-road XTR, in the most popular size, the 5 feet wide by 9 feet long, with some of the most popular options, for under ten grand!

You’ll get this great trailer, with 120v electric inside and out, 12v electric both inside and out, lighting inside, over both doors, and in the galley, the A-frame box on the tongue, a large deep cycle battery, 50w solar system to keep the battery charged, and the 12v 3-speed Fantastic Fan…  all for only $9,995! Quite a discount off our regular pricing!

Your trailer will look just like this, with the exception of the roof rack and awning, stargazer window,  and the ClimateRight installation kit, any of which of course you can add if you want them.

You’ll get your pick of colors, and the doors, windows, trim, fenders, etc can be done in either black or white.

Build time right now is under two months, so you could still have it in time to use it this summer!

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