XTR Extreme Off-Road Teardrop Trailer 2020 Winter Sale

Extreme Tears XTR Extreme Teardrop Trailer

Sale has ended as of Jan 31, 2020

Well, we made it thru the dang holidays, and into a new decade.  Now Winter is well set in…

Let’s brighten the next days with a sale that’s never been done before… we’ve decided to sell the 9 foot long. pretty loaded XTR Extreme Off-road Teardrop Trailers at dealer pricing… 20% off the normal cost!!! That’s our $16,000 loaded Extreme for less than $13,000!

Check these pictures out of what your offroad teardrop trailer could look like;

This trailer is put together just the way you would want it.  It includes the deluxe cabinets with a slide out cooler compartment, deluxe headboard cabinets inside, with extra 120v, 12v, and USB outlets, dual reading lights, the deluxe entertainment system, including a TV mounted on a lazy susan style table so the TV can be watched both inside, and outside the trailer, with stereo and inside and outside speakers, and the water system with tank, water pump, electric faucet, and stainless steel sink.  The trailer also includes a complete electric system, with both 12v and 120v… with deep cycle battery, solar system to keep your battery charge, and a power inverter in case you need to power 120v appliances while off the grid. And of course, all of the most requested items are also included, including the roof rack, awning, stargazer window, etc.  I’m attaching a copy of an invoice here so you can see everything included… if there’s a ‘1’ in the left column, and a price in the right column, it is included.  And that’s right, the regular price of over $16,000 is reduced to only $12,836!!!

XTR Extreme Sale Invoice

Build time is only 8 weeks, so plenty of time to have yours before Spring! Financing is easy to arrange thru your local bank or credit union. Trailer can either be picked up, or shipping arranged.

Contact us thru the form below with any questions or start your order!

Summer ’19 Sale; Nice Extreme Tears XTR Off-road Trailer Under $10k

Here’s what we’re offering up today:

Our most popular trailer, the Extreme Tears Off-road XTR, in the most popular size, the 5 feet wide by 9 feet long, with some of the most popular options, for under ten grand!

You’ll get this great trailer, with 120v electric inside and out, 12v electric both inside and out, lighting inside, over both doors, and in the galley, the A-frame box on the tongue, a large deep cycle battery, 50w solar system to keep the battery charged, and the 12v 3-speed Fantastic Fan…  all for only $9,995! Quite a discount off our regular pricing!

Your trailer will look just like this, with the exception of the roof rack and awning, stargazer window,  and the ClimateRight installation kit, any of which of course you can add if you want them.

You’ll get your pick of colors, and the doors, windows, trim, fenders, etc can be done in either black or white.

Build time right now is under two months, so you could still have it in time to use it this summer!

Beautiful XTR Available For Immediate Pickup in Michigan

Extreme Tears XTR Teardrop Trailer For Sale

We have our brand new, beautiful, brushed gold 5′ x 9′ Extreme Tears XTR Off-road teardrop trailer available now for immediate pickup in northern Michigan.

This black and gold combination looks gorgeous! And it’s optioned perfectly, at least the way I would want it. It has a pretty loaded electric system, with both 120v and 12v. It has one deep cycle battery (a second could easily be added), a 50w solar panel to keep the battery charged (again, easily upgradable to 100w), and a 1500w power inverter (allows you to power your 120v outlets using your battery.  120v, 12v cigarette light type outlet, plus USB outlets both inside and out.

It has all the other most requested options, including a 400lb capable roof rack, with an ARB awning, 12v, 3 speed Fantastic Fan, and the Stargazer front window.

The 4 inch thick memory foam mattress inside is a camper queen and is 6′ 6″ long.  The trailer is 78 inches tall to the top of the roof rack/awning… it is 7 feet wide outside the fenders, and about 15 feet long total. Total weight is only 1325 lbs, meaning just about anything can tow one…

Here’s the complete invoice (if it has a ‘1’ in the left column, or a price in the right column, that means it is included):

Extreme Tears Gold XTR Invoice

I’ll knock over a thousand dollars off and make it only $12,750 to the first person that wants to come pick it up in Charlevoix, Michigan…

Contact me thru the form below if you’re interested!

XTR Road Show, June 7 – 9, Alabama to Michigan

I’m picking up a new XTR trailer in Alabama this week, June 7, to pull back to Michigan, and thought I’d do a little mini road tour on my way home in case there are people along the way who would like to see an XTR up close and in person…   The possible stops I’m thinking of making along the way include;

5pm Friday afternoon June 7
Bass Pro Shop
323 Opry Mills Dr
Nashville, TN 37214

10am Saturday morning June 8
3395 Nell O’Bryan Ct
Bowling Green, KY 42103

1:30pm Saturday afternoon June 8
Walmart Supercenter
11901 Standiford Plaza Dr
Louisville, KY 40229

5pm Saturday afternoon June 8
Walmart Supercenter
7325 N Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46240

8pm Saturday evening June 8
Walmart Supercenter
5311 Coldwater Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

1pm Sunday afternoon June 9
Jays Sporting Goods
8800 S Clare Ave
Clare, MI 48617

3:30pm Sunday afternoon June 9
Jays Sporting Goods
1151 S Otsego Ave
Gaylord, MI 49735

If you’d like to look at the trailer at anyone of these stops, please let me know thru the contact form below so I’ll know what to expect. Also, please show up close to the stated time… if no one is there, I may just move on…

If you happen to live right on the route between any of these cities, it’s possible I could just swing off an exit to meet you for a few minutes… but time will probably be tight, so I may not have much time… contact me below.

Please pass this around if you happen to have any friends that you think may be interested!  Thanks!

New For 2019; The Commander Galley

For those of you looking for a pretty loaded trailer… you now have a new optional galley available for 2019… it’s called the Commander Kitchen, and will only be available on the 10 foot long XTR’s…

All New Commander Galley Option

The Commander Galley option will include; the Deluxe Cabinet Package ($1200 option), the Fresh Water package ($600 option), the Water Heater and Shower package ($1000 option), the pull-out for the cooler or fridge, a stainless steel grill, with the grill and sink on a pullout, and a larger 13 gallon water tank.

The cost for the entire option is $3500… which may sound expensive, but is a pretty good deal when you consider all of the options included with it.

This is brand new and is not on the website yet, so just mention it to me when you contact me.

Why Us?

I get asked quite often about why someone would want to buy from us over the other choices of teardrop trailers available out there these days… and what makes ours better or sets us apart from the others. The answer is quite simple…

Parked on the Manistee River for a week of rafting and canoeing…

Teardrop trailers today run the gamut… from the very cheap, to the very expensive… a really nice offroad teardrop can run you up to $40,000, and even more. Or you can find them for $6,000 if you want. The problem is, you’ll get what you pay for… a $6,000 trailer will have cheap axles on leaf springs with cheap trailer tires, built with 3/8 inch plywood, etc, etc. On the other hand, the $40,000 trailer is, well, very nice… just way out of the price range of most buyers.

Our trailers, on the other hand, aim to hit that perfect sweet-spot… a fairly inexpensive trailer with a very high quality build… you can get into a really nicely equipped Extreme Tears teardrop trailer, ready for any adventure you want to throw at it, for around $12,000! Everything, from the tires and axles, to the frame, to the cabin, is built very well. You get the independant suspension of our standard torsion stub axles… with full size 15 inch all-terrain tires… also standard. The trailer is built with nice, select 3/4 inch birch plywood. The entire trailer is wrapped in a nice aluminum finish in a wide variety of colors… solid sheets with no seams.

A Peak Underneath…

Just take a look at some of our standard features;
* 7-Ply 3/4″ Select Birch Sides & Floor

* .040 Aluminum Top
* .040 Aluminum Sides
* Frame Color: Black (Colors Optional)
* 30×9.5×15″ Firestone Destination AT Tires
* Standard Rims (Color: Black)
* Road & Curb Side Doors w/Dual Interior Locking Mechanism
* Cabin Doors Keyed Alike
* Sliding Windows on Doors w/Lock & Screen
* 1500 lb. Flush Mounted Side Wind Jack
* Jack – Castor Swivel Wheel Assembly
* Vintage Chrome Door Handles
* Adjustable Channel on Tongue
* 1-1/2″ Insulation on Top & Front & Sides
* Industrial Seven Blade Connector w/Additional On-Road Charging Wire
* Custom Built 3500 lb. Flexi Ride Torsion Axle
* Cabin & Galley Fully Polyurethane
* Tri-Fold Queen Size Mattress (Folds Into Couch)
* Easy-Up Galley Hatch Lift System w/Gas Shocks
* Frame Made with 3×2 and 2×2 11ga Steel Tubing

And then, dozens of options are available to customize the trailer exactly the way you’d like it… every trailer is custom built adding just the options you want.

So what are you giving up? Nothing much… maybe a few cute fancy little trim pieces here and there… maybe a little finishing for you to finish your trailer the way you want… But these trailers are built to perform. To get you out on the mountain to be your base camp for mountain biking and hiking. Or to get you to the lake or river for fishing, kayaking, or hunting… Not to look cute to show off to your 100 neighbors in the campground.

Standard Interior Cabinets

But boy do they look good!

If you’re ready to spend some of that tax return and buy your adventure base camp, get ahold of us thru the contact us page… we’ll put together the exact trailer you’ve been dreaming of.

And to make it a little less painful, order now thru the end of March and I’ll take $1000 off your option package to help you outfit your trailer to perfectly meet your needs!

First Look; All New For 2018 – The XTR XL!

Extreme Tears Teardrop Trailer - XTR XL model in Victory Red

Just picked up a new trailer… the all new for 2018 XTR XL!!!

One big difference over all previous XTR’s… this XL is 5 feet tall, vs the 4 feet tall of the XTR.

Two major differences;  the extra foot allows room for a bunk inside, so may be of interest with couples with young kids, or even big dogs. The XL also has a galley door that swings out, and not up like the XTR.  The galley then pulls out… and there’s room for an extra swing up counter and other storage on the inside of the door.

This XL is also our first trailer with another new for 2018 option – a hot water and shower system!  I know the lack of hot water and a shower has been a big problem for some of you with your wife… so now we’ve taken care of that for you!

The XL also feels a ton more spacious inside… so if that claustrophobic feel was a problem for you in the XTR, this XL may alleviate that for you.

The XL is currently only available with the 5′ x 10″ trailer. This trailer is in the Victory Red color.

Canoecopia, Madison, Wisconsin, March 9 – 11

Our first expo of 2018 will be coming up soon in Madison Wisconsin on the weekend of March 9 thru 11;


This is a fantastic outdoor show loaded with vendors and 20,000 attendees! From their site;

Canoecopia is the largest paddlesports consumer event in the world. More than 250,000 square feet of kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards, outdoor equipment and clothing, all at the best prices of the season, make Canoecopia a “must go” place for gear! Over 180 seminars and clinics make Canoecopia an educational event where you can learn about the perfect gear for your style of paddling, develop skills to get you where you want to go, and discover some of the many places to paddle, both near and far.

We had a great time there last year and the XTR we took was wildly popular.

So this year we’ll be bringing something a little different!

We’re bringing a brand new for 2018 XTR XL model. The XL is very similar to the XTR, accept the trailer is 5 feet in height rather than 4 feet!  Almost room inside for some to stand up. This XL trailer can now come with a bunk inside… room for kids or dogs!!!

Another difference… the rear galley door on the XL swings out, and not up!  Then the galley pulls out! The door can then have a counter on it, a stove, and storage!

The trailer we’re bringing to Canoecopia will be pretty loaded… it will be a 10 foot long trailer for a little extra space, and will have the complete maxxed out electric system with extra battery, larger solar, power inverter, etc! It will have all the popular options, like fantastic fan, roof rack and awning, the nice headboard with reading lights and electric outlets, and …. it will include our new for 2018 water system, which now includes hot water and shower!!!

Canoecopia will be the first chance for people to see the new XL trailer, and the new shower/hot water system!  So come on by and look us up!!!

I’ll post pictures of it soon… it will be ready this week!

If this trailer is sounds like something you might be interested in, get ahold of me… I’ll have it for sale at Canoecopia, and doubt it lasts the weekend!

Spring’s coming… plus a great trailer…

With Spring just around the corner, now is a good time to get your orders in… some good discounts are still available, and build times are still short. Discounts will be gone and times longer once Spring and Summer orders start coming in.

Also, wanted to show some pictures of a gorgeous trailer ordered by one of our customers this Winter. This was one of the most loaded trailers we’ve ever built… and it was the first trailer built with one of our new for 2018 options…  a hot water system with shower!  The hot water system includes a propane water heater with a LP tank and mount, a larger fresh water tank (18 gallons vs 10 gallons, and a larger water pump for higher flow rates.

Pre-Winter Show Trailer Sale

Well, with Winter approaching, and all shows and expos wrapped up, I’m thinking it may be a good time to sell my show trailers before snow starts flying here in northern Michigan…

I have three trailers sitting here… each are in ‘like new’ condition…

The trailers are the black trailer here,

the orange trailer here,

and the metallic gray here.

The orange trailer is a 5′ x 10′, the other two are 5′ x 9′.

I’ll sell any of the trailers for 30% off their retail price.

Just hit me up with a message here if you’re interested in any of the 3.