New For 2019; The Commander Galley

For those of you looking for a pretty loaded trailer… you now have a new optional galley available for 2019… it’s called the Commander Kitchen, and will only be available on the 10 foot long XTR’s…

All New Commander Galley Option

The Commander Galley option will include; the Deluxe Cabinet Package ($1200 option), the Fresh Water package ($600 option), the Water Heater and Shower package ($1000 option), the pull-out for the cooler or fridge, a stainless steel grill, with the grill and sink on a pullout, and a larger 13 gallon water tank.

The cost for the entire option is $3500… which may sound expensive, but is a pretty good deal when you consider all of the options included with it.

This is brand new and is not on the website yet, so just mention it to me when you contact me.

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