First Look; All New For 2018 – The XTR XL!

Just picked up a new trailer… the all new for 2018 XTR XL!!!

One big difference over all previous XTR’s… this XL is 5 feet tall, vs the 4 feet tall of the XTR.

Two major differences;  the extra foot allows room for a bunk inside, so may be of interest with couples with young kids, or even big dogs. The XL also has a galley door that swings out, and not up like the XTR.  The galley then pulls out… and there’s room for an extra swing up counter and other storage on the inside of the door.

This XL is also our first trailer with another new for 2018 option – a hot water and shower system!  I know the lack of hot water and a shower has been a big problem for some of you with your wife… so now we’ve taken care of that for you!

The XL also feels a ton more spacious inside… so if that claustrophobic feel was a problem for you in the XTR, this XL may alleviate that for you.

The XL is currently only available with the 5′ x 10″ trailer. This trailer is in the Victory Red color.

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