A Closer Look at Some of The XRT’s Options

The first photo shows the XRT with a few nice options;

XRT Teardrop Trailer with Options

Options shown include the 400 lb capable roof rack, the ARB awning, the expanded metal front storage rack, the A-frame tongue box, and the AirTight Installation Kit for the Climate Right AC/Heat/Dehumidifier. The unit (not included) will sit on the storage rack, and the input and output just hooks to the installed vents thru the daimond  plate front wall. The Climate Right unit itself is seen here in the bottom left corner;

Here is a look at the XTR with the standard galley (also shows the optional mounted full size matching spare tire);

The Extreme Tears XTR teardrop trailer with the standard galley

Here are some photos of the XTR Teardrop Trailer with the Deluxe Galley;

This photo shows the upgraded cabinets with aluminum inserts to match the trailer, a pull-out cabinet for a cooler or camper fridge unit, the fresh water option which includes the stainless steel sink with faucet,  a 12v water pump and 10 gallon water tank, power outlets, and television w/DVD (the TV is mounted to a 360 degree rotating platform, so you can watch the TV here, or inside the camper). Also shown is the deluxe grill option which includes the grill and two side tables.

A look at the standard interior cabinets;

vs the deluxe interior cabinets;

This photo shows some options at the headboard end;

This shows the storage cabinets with sliding doors and shelf, the extra dome light with two reading lights, and the Star Gazer window, for watching the stars when you lie down (also shows the in and out for the Climate Right AC/Heat/Dehumidifier).

This photo shows a couple more exterior options;

Seen here is the optional 5 gallon Jerry can and mount, and the slide under storage boxes (remove and store inside during travel)… these are a great place for storing dirty shoes and boots to keep dirt out of the camper, but keep critters out of your boots…

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