Best Deal Ever! Used XTR XL Show Trailer For Sale

We have one used teardrop trailer for sale right now… It was last seasons show trailer. It is the XL version of our XTR, meaning that it is 5 feet tall instead of the XTR’s 4 feet tall. It makes the interior feel huge compared to the XTR, so if you’re a little bit claustrophobic, this might be for you. But the extra foot of height allows for the use of a bunk area inside, running across the foot end of the trailer… perfect for a small child, or large dog. Or just makes a great storage area for your clothes, etc, overnight.

The biggest difference that you’ll note between this XL version and the XTR is the galley… on this XL, the galley door swings out, and then the galley pulls out. On the XTR, the galley door lifts up.

Being a show trailer, I built this trailer loaded with pretty much everything that anybody would want… including a full water system with a larger 18 gallon water tank, upgraded water pump, and the on-demand hot water system with a shower, stored in a Pelican Box on the side of the trailer. It also has the added cabinets with dual reading lights and extra 12V and 110V outlets at the headboard end of the trailer… very handy to have when it’s time for bed.

This was an expensive trailer, so I’m gonna leave a couple items off of it to make it affordable for anybody. I’ll leave off the ClimateRight unit (which you can pick up at Home Depot or many other places and easily add later), the awning (which is hard to use anyway given the height of this trailer, but can easily be added), and part of the electric that many don’t want, including the extra battery, the solar panel, and the inverter. You still have the 110V and 12V systems with a deep cycle battery. Also includes the 3 speed, 12V Fantastic Fan. All the lights, 12v outlets (for chargers, etc), fantastic fan, etc, still work off the 12v system.

You can see a complete rundown of this exact trailer in a video made by a customer of ours who took this trailer to the TearStock teardrop trailer show for us last summer:

My invoice on this trailer was $19,385. But if the XL is something you’re interested in, I’ll make this one very affordable. After taking off the mentioned items and discounts, I’ll sell this trailer for only $11,995! This is as cheap as we’ve ever sold a trailer, plus you’re getting the XL, the most expensive trailer we build, plus the full water system with water heater and shower!

I’ll even throw in free delivery, or meet you somewhere with it within a couple hundred miles of my place in northern Michigan. Or the trailer can be picked up in northern Michigan.

If you’re interested, get ahold of me thru our Contact Us page.

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