Let’s Get Crazy…..!!!

OK, to try to help you guys (and gals) spend your tax return refunds, I’m going to offer you the largest ever, by far, discount on a custom built to your specifications, Extreme Tears XTR Off-road teardrop trailer!!!

Extreme Tears Off-road Teardrop Trailer

From now till tax day, April 15th, I’m going to offer you a free package consisting of a free roof rack ($200 value), a free ARB awning (a $600 value), and a free ClimateRight Air Conditioner / Furnace (a $1250 value)! That’s right, over $2000 off your own, designed and built for you, off-road teardrop trailer.

You want to start dreaming? Take a look at the awesome colors that you can choose from for your trailer here.

And of course, never hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.

2 Replies to “Let’s Get Crazy…..!!!”

    1. A 5 foot by 9 foot XTR, pretty well equipped, will only weight around 1400 lbs… your Jeep capacity is probably twice that. These tow real easy, your Jeep probably wouldn’t even notice it’s back there….

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